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About Us

About Us

Green Moxie™ is a brand name created for thermal plastic products manufactured by Material Forming Company in the United States. Since 1994 this company has been in the business of forming a spectrum of materials into value added products for customers and several commercial markets. Through its expertise in manufacturing, engineering and procurement in addition to informal and formal, domestic and international business relationships, it has continued its growth and introduction of unique and well accepted consumer products.

Green Moxie™ brand products are thermal plastic alternatives for traditional wood and steel posts and stake applications. Our products are the answer to some of the world’s current environmental concerns and are manufactured in the United States. This first generation of products, which are environmentally friendly for the construction, landscape, ranch/farming, and other markets.  As products are developed innovation, creativity, problem solving and technologies are applied with the base premise of; GO GREEN WITHOUT COMPROMISE!!!

GreenMoxie is when compared to traditional wooden and steel posts and stakes this means:

     price competitive


     weight savings






     mold resistant

     available in UV resistant colors

     fewer trees are cut down for posts and stakes

     the best value

Green Moxie™ Dog Bone and “T” design POSTS and STAKES are key to all of the products that we manufacture and prefabricate for our customers.

Dog Bone                                                                             

1 1/8” (w) x1/2”

Lengths up to 6ft

6 UV colors


“T” Design

T Design  5/8" x 5/8" x 11/16"

Lengths up to 8ft

6 UV Colors


Go Green with Moxie

Learn more about our current Green Moxie™ "Green Products" through these Links

SILT FENCE SYSTEM  T-Posts and to Geo-fabric are prefabricated for unmatched strength.

BARRIER FENCE SYSTEM Prefabricated, T-Posts are attached to barrier material for unmatched strength.

SNOW FENCE SYSTEM Prefabricated, T-Posts are attached to safety orange fencing for unmatched strength.

BUILDER & LANDSCAPE GAGE T-POSTS Unmatched Strength, Light Weight fence posts to 6 ft.
ELECTRIC FENCE T-POST SYSTEM Faster to Install, no need for costly insulators.

GARDEN STAKES Dog-bone design for superior strength, easier to install, to 6 ft.

SIGN POSTS Up to 70% lighter than Steel & less costly.

SURVEY STAKES & MARKING FLAGS High Visibility, 8 Stake & 5 Flag colors

TENT STAKES Tough, Rugged & light weight in full 9 inch and commercial 4 foot lengths

Go Green without Compromise

No!  “Being Green” is not an excuse to compromise or weaken performance standards.

The prefabricated fence systems from Green-Moxie can turn your silt, snow and other barrier fence needs into a cost saving symbol of your environmental stewardship.